Be Heard! A Rant for the Masses


Lock ~ Photo and Edit by KAMoore

The Good Fight

The sound was subtle
Barely a head turned
Soft spoken words
A few looked to be sure
Voiced in a group
Some listened Concurred
Screaming into the mob
They yelled back
Attentive they heard
You can read from a script
Or from your heart
Your heart thoughts ripped
If you feel it is right
No silent night
Speak out in rage
Not a rat in a cage
Living this life
World full of strife
Wail to the skies
Clouds break  as it cries
March against suppression
Stand tall facing oppression
I will be with you my friend
There will be no concession


via Daily Prompt: Heard

3 thoughts on “Be Heard! A Rant for the Masses

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