Be Heard! A Rant for the Masses


Lock ~ Photo and Edit by KAMoore

The Good Fight

The sound was subtle
Barely a head turned
Soft spoken words
A few looked to be sure
Voiced in a group
Some listened Concurred
Screaming into the mob
They yelled back
Attentive they heard
You can read from a script
Or from your heart
Your heart thoughts ripped
If you feel it is right
No silent night
Speak out in rage
Not a rat in a cage
Living this life
World full of strife
Wail to the skies
Clouds break  as it cries
March against suppression
Stand tall facing oppression
I will be with you my friend
There will be no concession


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A Dragons Contemplations


To sleep I go
To sleep I must
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
It is not the end
Still full of lust
I am an old dragon
I live to breathe
Ash and Dust
To sleep I go
To sleep I must

~ Dragon

Dragon~ Photo by KAMoore

I  Dragon

I am Dragon
My passion it flows
Blazing intense
Containing the fire
I do
I must
Another town
Turned to dust

When Dragon shares new writings I will update the blog and move it to the top for him.



Replacement ~ The new and improved me


Improving ones self is a continual process of learning, understanding, then replacing the abject with the cultivated. Rarely is it a stark change, the bricks have been laid. Who you are is not set in stone, but in growing to adult hood you have become.
Trying to change everything about ourselves is fruitless and unnecessary. The proverbial New Years Eve resolutions are a great example. Many people set unrealistic goals, setting themselves up for failure. Don’t try and build a house before you know if you can lay it’s foundation.

We work with what we have, the complexities of self is what makes us human.
The super villain will not be playing with puppies or helping the elderly across busy intersections any time soon.

I’ve written here for 15 days straight now, never having a blog before. I was insecure about my writing for the first 8-10. I’ve always written, but never in a format where I would be amongst so many other writers. A few thoughtful sentences from someone close, my insecurities eased. Writing for just over two weeks has improved self. Maybe not through replacement, but through a reawakening of deeper thoughts and feelings. A more finely tuned passion and compassion. All these little things add to the foundation that was my youth and contribute to and refine the home that is me.

I do not have time to read and edit this this morning, so I may reread and modify for flow and errors later. (not due to insecurities, just my obsessive compulsive need for things to be just so) Like I said, we are all works in progress.


via Daily Prompt: Replacement