Tremble ~ A Dragons Tail

Dragon~ Photo by KAMoore


Villagers tremble the thought of my presence
I don’t mean to frighten poor little peasants
I spit fire and feast
On all the worlds beasts
Do not blame me
I am Dragon
My fury released


via Daily Prompt: Tremble


To sleep I go
To sleep I must
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
It is not the end
Still full of lust
I am an old dragon
I live to breathe
Ash and Dust
To sleep I go
To sleep I must

~ Dragon


I  Dragon

I am Dragon
My passion it flows
Blazing intense
Containing the fire
I do
I must
Another town
Turned to dust

When Dragon shares new writings I will update the blog and move it to the top for him.



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