WordPress Word of the Day: Scent

serenitySerenity ~ Steel and stainless steel sculpture. Photo and Sculpture by KAMoore


A fragrance I know and long to breathe
The whispers and laughter echo in me
Eyes that burn and melt and please
To touch to feel to hear to see


This is an older poem of mine. I changed a few words to make it better. Hope you like

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Replacement ~ The new and improved me


Improving ones self is a continual process of learning, understanding, then replacing the abject with the cultivated. Rarely is it a stark change, the bricks have been laid. Who you are is not set in stone, but in growing to adult hood you have become.
Trying to change everything about ourselves is fruitless and unnecessary. The proverbial New Years Eve resolutions are a great example. Many people set unrealistic goals, setting themselves up for failure. Don’t try and build a house before you know if you can lay it’s foundation.

We work with what we have, the complexities of self is what makes us human.
The super villain will not be playing with puppies or helping the elderly across busy intersections any time soon.

I’ve written here for 15 days straight now, never having a blog before. I was insecure about my writing for the first 8-10. I’ve always written, but never in a format where I would be amongst so many other writers. A few thoughtful sentences from someone close, my insecurities eased. Writing for just over two weeks has improved self. Maybe not through replacement, but through a reawakening of deeper thoughts and feelings. A more finely tuned passion and compassion. All these little things add to the foundation that was my youth and contribute to and refine the home that is me.

I do not have time to read and edit this this morning, so I may reread and modify for flow and errors later. (not due to insecurities, just my obsessive compulsive need for things to be just so) Like I said, we are all works in progress.


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Representing ~ Yellow

Neon ~ Detail of a large neon sign, Ballard,WA, Photo by KAMoore 2011

Yellow screams “Look at me!” It intensifies emotions, optimistically the good ones!
Small bits of yellow spotting a field as flowers instills feelings of happiness and warmth for the viewer. Such a wonderful color to be used sparingly and distributed widely. It makes the mind alert, helps with decision making, and promotes clear thinking. Fun and interesting when added to the dull grey world of a city such as Seattle. As with all powerful things it must be used carefully.

Yellow overload can make one agitated, add to anxiety. A room with walls of bright yellow may make you want to run, and cause feelings of insecurity.

In my photo, the captured yellow adds interest, it is used to draw attention and imbue curiosity. The hue and intensity of the yellow being just as important as the setting it is in. This photo is of an old Neon sign in Ballard, WA. The yellow is vivid and bright, it garners consideration and feels healthy. If the yellow was dingy, faded, and mucky the mood would be different,  more of decay and decomposition. Perhaps causing feelings of sadness and loss like a defunct amusement park void of motion, noise, and children.

That is how I view yellow. How does yellow make you feel? That is the key to color, because the world and it’s endless palette is, and always will be, in the eye, heart, and mind of the beholder.



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Automatic ~Like the drum of a Heartbeat in the Silence

When Reflection Outshines Reality ~ photo by KAMoore

I know many of you will relate. I would like to say my writing flows from my brain like a automaton. Some days it’s true. Like a river breaching it’s banks. A deluge flooding the streets. The frenzy of ecstasy. It applies to all my artistic tendencies! Some days my sculptures are complete in my mind before I begin. Some days I struggle to add the tiniest of pieces. Sometimes a photograph is finished before it’s even taken. The composition already cropped and edited. A blank canvas as a painting complete, brush strokes and colors realized, hung and framed on my wall.

The truth is, since starting my blog I have been determined to write each and every day, even if it’s only a few lines. Making that decision has left me sitting some mornings unable to form complete thoughts, never mind interesting sentences. Sitting and staring at a title I managed to forge, endless rows of blank blue-white screen below.

This was a good morning. My writing came out not like a tooth extraction, but more of an ebb and flow, a tide working its way towards high. Not with great conviction, but without struggle or anxiety.
Grammar is another story, luckily not addressed in this post, and practicing artistic writing I use my liberties and licenses to their limits.

I hope you enjoyed my semi-automatic rant and I wish you well with your own!

~Kevin A Moore

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Repurposed ~ Kitty Cat and Birds




Photos and Sculpture by KAMoore

Silverware and Kitchen utensils 🙂
Taking photos of my pieces is an integral part of process and enjoyment! And once they’re gone I still have the memories and the history locked in my photographs.
I use silverware often because its an affordable source of used stainless steel and I’m able to use the intrinsic patterns that flatware has to offer to accent and add to many of my creations.
Recycling, Upcycling, and Re-Use is one of my favorite things in my art. Taking an old coke machine and cutting pieces of the metal out and using the old Coke Red in a sculpture… mmm a Coke and a Smile.
I only started selling my sculpture in 2016 after spending 4 years in Florida learning bronze art, working with my brother. After the continuous struggle of recovery from a very tragic car accident there, I moved back to Seattle and decided I would make art of Steel and mixed media instead of bronze. I’m new and unknown, but everything about it has changed my life already. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and the friends and family who have helped and stood behind me. Feel free to see more of my works at my professional website if you like: Kevin A Moore Studio


Repurpose, Photo Challenge

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Simple ~ In more than 50 words or less

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Florida Sunset ~ photo by KAMoore

Simple is not always as simple as simple seems. I love the word and use it often. Most decisions are simple, logic dictates the answer. We know what is right and wrong, simple right?
Not so fast. Understanding simple doesn’t mean we can always use it’s short and sweet solution for our desired outcome. The outcome of the presidential election was simple in my mind. I used logic and common sense to decide the outcome. Well as it turns out I was mistaken. The solution to that mistake will have massive repercussions and not by any means be Simple.

I’m a metal artist (just an artist if you like) cutting, grinding, welding, shaping, polishing. Pretty simple if you ask me. I grew up with Grandparents and Parents that worked to instill simple moral values into a hyperactive young boy that asked why annoyingly often. It was simple, I wanted to understand, see reason, and logic in all things. Most moral values are just that, simple. Ask yourself if what you are doing is right or wrong and ninety-nine percent of the time a light will go off in your head and you will have your answer.

The one percent hold the tricky solutions to answers that are grey and have complicated effects on possibly everything: Think Chaos Theory and the butterfly effect.
A simple story to make my point. Me at a hot springs, in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Naked, alone, a bottle of wine that I would carry out empty at the end of the story. Relaxing, pondering relationships, life, the universe, simple things. Then a Raven lands on branch nearby and lets out a guttural “cawwww” It was my first Raven to see in Washington. He or She was huge! Perfectly formed, jet black with hints of metallic. We sat and watched each other for thirty minutes or more. Me thinking this was spiritual and an important turning point in my life. The Raven, probably just patiently waiting to see if I had packed a lunch that I would share. The climax of this story is quick and simple. I could have waited until the Raven was bored with my company or just leaving due to my negligence to bring life giving sustenance. Instead I made a small snowball and tossed it low below, but towards the tree on which the Raven sat. The Raven looked at me with indignant black thoughtful eyes. He waited a few seconds to let me know it was his decision to leave; a simple social behavior for one that knows their superiority. Then took flight, forever tying our lives and futures together. If I hadn’t thrown that snowball would I be here now? Where is that Raven? The course of both our lives ever changed in those moments.

What am I saying you ask? Well mostly that I love that day, that story, that Raven, and the bottle of wine I enjoyed in those hot springs.

Beyond that: Everything we do in life effects the future. Even the “Simple” things.
Choose your words and the snowballs you throw carefully.

Kevin A Moore






Ten ~ In 10 x 5 words or less


The Post Intelligencer ball in Seattle +1, Photo and Editing by KAMoore


Tenacity is necessary to write about the word Ten
Tenuous the struggle to not sound Tenebrous
Tentative my words they all seem so Tedious
Ten in writing is just lacking tenable Tenderness


Short and simple, but I have to say it was tough to write about the word Ten. For reasons unknown to me the word ten itself feels abrasive, it is harsh and seems to stop the flow of writing itself. I hope I created a readable little excerpt regardless of my disposition.



Devastation a Poem ~ In just a few words

Arches, Utah Photo by KAMoore

Devastation the WordPress word of the day.

The memories dredged this morning by the word are too difficult, they are not ready to come out. So I am going to post a poem from a time that I could.


Two seconds in time
Forward or back
To tear them from space
I’d move mountains
Change fate
Tear stars from the sky
I know that I’ve done
The best that I could
I’ve tried with my mind
It won’t budge like it should
I say it’s not fair
It’s not, don’t argue with me
Because time it should bend
It’s the way it should be



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