A Poem ~ If I could be Successful in 50 words or less


Silver the Silvermare ~ One of my first stainless steel sculptures


A big stash I have not
I have love to make art
Successful I am
To do what I want
Maybe money will find me
I’ll play my part
An artist I am
I’ll have or have not

~ Kevin A Moore

By loving your job, no matter what you do,  you are an artist. When you pour positive energy into it, it shows and gives positive energy back. I find that admirable and I hope for people to see that in my work.

via Daily Prompt: Successful

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If you wish to donate to my “I Hope to be Successful” cause. I am always eternally grateful. The donation link will bring you to my professional Squarespace website: Donations

In this 2017 year all extra money and donations will go toward a steel and stainless steel Dragon 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide. ‘The Wallingford Dragon’ from which I hope to gain international acclaim.

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