Stark Raven Mad

Sculpture and Photo by KAMoore


Glaring, Hopping, Flying, Squawking
The Ravens caw always talking
To me it spoke of dead men walking

Obsidian eyes fire down inside
Skulls and bones tossed aside
Seeds of death sewn and strewn

A Murder gathers screeching doom
The world spins round
Ravens croon


Sculpture and photos by KAMoore



For Ages I’ve Rested Never Alone ~ Solitude, Photo and Poem

Milk Truck ~ The Forest of Washington State. Photo by KAMoore

Never Alone

Amongst the trees
I watch I listen
The silence deep
At no time complete
The forest lives
It moves It breaths
When all seems tranquil
You hear the sounds
The shifting floor
The living grounds
Plants push up
Insects down
The longer I sit
The more profound
The bugs The plants
Life abound
Not alone
Peace at last
Solitude Found



A Poem ~ If I could be Successful in 50 words or less


Silver the Silvermare ~ One of my first stainless steel sculptures


A big stash I have not
I have love to make art
Successful I am
To do what I want
Maybe money will find me
I’ll play my part
An artist I am
I’ll have or have not

~ Kevin A Moore

By loving your job, no matter what you do,  you are an artist. When you pour positive energy into it, it shows and gives positive energy back. I find that admirable and I hope for people to see that in my work.

via Daily Prompt: Successful

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