A Poem ~ If I could be Successful in 50 words or less


Silver the Silvermare ~ One of my first stainless steel sculptures


A big stash I have not
I have love to make art
Successful I am
To do what I want
Maybe money will find me
I’ll play my part
An artist I am
I’ll have or have not

~ Kevin A Moore

By loving your job, no matter what you do,  you are an artist. When you pour positive energy into it, it shows and gives positive energy back. I find that admirable and I hope for people to see that in my work.

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If you wish to donate to my “I Hope to be Successful” cause. I am always eternally grateful. The donation link will bring you to my professional Squarespace website: Donations

In this 2017 year all extra money and donations will go toward a steel and stainless steel Dragon 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide. ‘The Wallingford Dragon’ from which I hope to gain international acclaim.

Privacy ~ I’m not saying in how many words or less

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30 Second exposure Me at the Kingston Ferry Waterfront, WA


Don’t look at me
We’ve all had the thought
Not wanting to be seen
To exist behind the screen
I’m guilty as charged
I’ve ducked
Avoided barrage
Privacy I keep
My mind is closed
I may let you in
I’m private
Who knows




Graceful ~Bella Fiamma Ballerina Sculpture

Photo Challenge ~ Graceful


Sculpture and Photos By KAMoore

Graceful ~ Photo of a sculpture I made a few years back. Bella Fiamma Ballerina, The idea of the sculpture itself was to show the grace and beauty of the ballerina form. A ballerina need not be dancing to see beauty in form of body. I think it’s also appropriate for women’s rights today. The beauty and grace of the ballerina comes from great strength and determination. Appearing soft and flowing is the performance, the preparation is all grit and hard work. Living near the Pacific Northwest Ballet I was fortunate enough to know quite a few of the dancers and hear their stories.

Kevin A Moore

Bella is one of my favorite works and is available here: Bella Fiamma











Exposure ~ A Naked Poem, In 50 words or less

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Photography is the first thought I have when I hear the word exposure. So before my words: The Moon exposed in all of it’s lunar eclipsed glory. Sept. 2015. My trusty dinged and dented Canon 70-200 L captured the image.

Photo By KAMoore


Blinding light
It is hard to hide
Waiting for dark
Time to bide
Anxiety peeked
Fight or flight
All details exposed
Wrong or right
We hope to be seen
Or hide in the night
Exposure is poor
Villains’ delight
Need to be seen
Jump into the bright
Most seek both
The balance is plight
Me for the most
I seek the spotlight
Once having enough
Reduce the exposure
Blend in
Plain sight

~ Kevin





Overworked ~ In 50 words or less

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IMG_3073glow b&w.jpg

Me working on a sculpture in veneration of Ferdinand the bull


Doing what I love, being overworked, should not be possible. So interestingly, it’s not work, but the day to day that overwhelms. I am overworked doing laundry, cleaning my apartment, getting groceries, keeping my great little old truck running. My anxiety of being overworked comes from the time lost on creating another sculpture or piece of art knowing that I can only complete a finite number of works in this life. So I am overworked, not from my job, overworked with the little things life requires. ~ Kevin A Moore



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Aesthetic ~ in 50 words or less

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As an artist I use the word aesthetic often. I try to create pieces that will fit aesthetically into peoples lives, add to their environment instead of taking it over. Aesthetic to me is composition as a whole. Not a table, but how the table sits within the flow of the room.



I designed and created Midnight Owl in 2016 for my own space, for my own aesthetic. Like art, I believe aesthetic to be in the eye of the beholder!!  ~ Kevin A Moore

Seeking Solace

We all seek peace and calm, if we are lucky enough to have control of our anxieties, residing in it too long leaves us seeking adventure and excitement. That is the healthy balance.

The world is full of anxieties, some good, some bad. Many reside in a heightened state of this anxiety from media overload and daily dramas, some real, some created. In this, our society, people often times make small things very dramatic to compete with the state of the world we live in, the news, movies, television, and the harsh realities of the many global injustices. It can make it tough to quantify the truly difficult things in our lives that need and deserve attention.



Edge of the Water ~ Between Seattle and Austin ~ Solitude and Solace


I seek solace in my art and photography and my interactions with those in my life.


Behind closed eyes Calm sneaks in
Laying close The soft touch of skin
The sun on my face Caress lacking haste
When I find solace Time slips
Slips gradually None gone to waste

~ Kevin A Moore





Blog ~ My first

My blog will contain and include my thoughts, my art, my poetry, my beliefs, my gripes, and as my domain states, the stream of consciousness thinking that I need to free from my brain! I will also try to convey where these writings come from to give you a look into my mind. I really do hope for your comments, but being MY blog I am reserving the right to remove those that offend my moral sensibility.

Although I believe most of my writing will be positive in nature, subjects may be offensive to some and may contain inappropriate language for the young.

I’m adding one of my poems from last week on facebook to see how it looks in blog, I think I will slowly add my full collection of poems here to have them together in one place.

Sincerely, Kevin A Moore

I am Dragon

I am Dragon
My passion it flows
Blazing intense
Containing the fire
I do
I must
Another town
Turned to dust


I am Dragon is an example of my stream of consciousness poetry, I was introducing the creation of an upcoming sculpture so I found a photo. (the photo is of a small dragon that my sister gifted me for I believe a Christmas more than a decade ago, I still have it) Then I let my emotions of the day flow. My emotions are usually inspired by an event or a person I’m admiring, or if the emotions are negative, someone I’m admiring; not so much. In the case of I am Dragon the poem was written in seconds, although I did go back and edit for appearance. I find most times the depth, intensity, and meaning of the poem can be found in those impulsive first words. Dragon is named as the author so that you can put yourself in his head and understand his emotions.

The end of Blog #1