International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day began in 1917 in Russia, then in 1975 was recognized by the United Nations. Along with suffrage and other equal rights, sexual discrimination during employment was named even then.

We need to recognize and maintain our equality. There is so much to be gained in protecting the rights of every individual equally. The growth and awareness that would come with meeting on equal ground would change the planet as we know it. It would afford a trust that has never been known between the genders allowing a sharing of knowledge and insight on a grand scale without fear of reprisal or repercussion for either gender. Only good things would come of it. I stand beside each of you, better than no other, just a human

This goes for relationships as well. To some guys this may sound emasculating. It is not. By trying to dominate, control, or own your partner, you lose your power. You will never truly know them, you will never have all of them which is given freely when you become one on the same level. The power in this type of sharing goes way beyond controlling someone’s movements and actions. Equality does not change the fact that men and women are different, it actually enhances the differences

With everything happening in the world, in the media, all around us, it couldn’t be more obvious that the change has not been made more than 100 years after this holiday became recognized.

I wrote this to share some of my feelings, I did not write about many of the more important aspects including the violence and criminal behavior that must be stopped by any means necessary. We need to come together to make this happen, join hands, join voices.



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