The Moon



Blue is the halo that surrounds the moon
At this moment time hesitates
Not in awe but in wonder at its beauty
In the wondering of meaning and purpose of being
The blurred colors of life will return with the day
Like cars passing close on the worlds freeways
Phones ringing pinging blinking cars beeping voices blending
The cacophony of the city rises to the sky around and above us
At this moment there is the moon and its halo
Some of life’s answers are glimpsed in these moments of reflection
The moon is a true friend as it climbs into the sky
Full and bright at its best screaming see me I am here
Quaint and kind as it wanes and finds its way to the horizon
It leaves us for days but always returns when we are truly lost in darkness
At this moment there is the moon and its halo and tonight we walk in its light

KA Moore


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