Of 2017


My last photograph of the year (most likely)
The last light after the last sunset in 2017 was enough to light up the remaining leaves on this barberry bush. Taken with my real camera, still unable to capture the experience fully.

A few things I already knew but learned again in 2017 (For use in 2018)
To forgive myself for things beyond my control.
Continuing to live life does not mean you have forgotten those you have lost.
Allow happiness in, it is easy to turn it away or to believe you do not deserve it.
More action less, or more carefully chosen, words.
When you are close to epiphany or solution fate will always throw things in your path and make you work for the revelation.
Experience and let it all in. From the smallest grain of beach sand in hand, to my philosophies, and pondering the reaches of the universe, where while I write this galaxies collide and new stars are born.
Knowing that I can always be a better human and working on that every day of every year

Kevin 12/31/17

Wishing all a wonderful 2018 !!!


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