Every Heart Beats

A contemplation, a poem, something I just thought I’d write.

Every heart has a first beat at a moment in time
A miracle of science or a miracle of faith if you like
Its journey is moving ever forward
Its expedition makes only one stop

Such determination and strength it must have
Ceaselessly expanding and contracting
Beating Pumping Burning its fuel
Its responsibility only grows as does its host

A beat may be skipped for reasons good or for bad
It will be pushed to its limits with fear and unknown
We ask it to race for our hungers lusts and our passions
It does slow when it can but unyielding grinds on

So amazing its power we give it a separate life
When true love is found our hearts join as one
Babies kittens and puppies it melts on its own
We follow it when uncertain
With loss and grief breaks
Often times right some wrong
It loves when there is no love
It might run when it is called

But without stop the small wonder keeps beating
All day All night

The heart keeps on striving until the last breath of life

Kevin A Moore


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