Witchcraft over Crafty

Woodpeckers ~ Trying to bring life to the inanimate.
Sculpture and Photos by KAMoore

Two things come to mind when I hear the word craft, Witches, and Arts & Crafts. I choose Witches and witchcraft. Dark, dubious, intelligent beings with the ability to make magic and illusion. I’m an artist, I do not want anything I make to be considered crafty. I would much rather instill the idea of harnessing magic to bring my work into being. Magic is sexy, arts and crafts, lack passion and imagination.

Granted the word “craft” has admirable traits. Craftsman or Craftswoman implies education and a sense of skilled workmanship. And as a verb; “She will craft a delicate sculpture from a raw piece of marble.” Much better than, “Jim made a windmill from popsicle sticks and hot glue. Isn’t he crafty!” I don’t mean to belittle. It is just an observation that the word tends to make you think that whomever is crafting has a hobby and oh boy aren’t they having fun.

I attempt to pour emotion into my work with an intensity that borders magical in its spirituality. I blast music, I sing, I laugh, get angry, and sometimes dance (like no one is watching, because no one is ;)) with a sense of rite or ceremony. Hey that’s just me. I say, “Do what you must to believe in what you do.” Conjure up your own craft and express it to its fullest, whether it be writing, painting, sculpture, performance, photography or any genre of creativity you choose to participate.



Chickadee ~ another in my bird series. Sculpture and Photo by KAMoore