Aware – A Word of Wisdom

Silver Fox – photo by KAMoore

I’m aware the fragility my entity
Striving Seeking Searching amity
There is no twice
So much uncertainty
Words written and spoken
They are numbered in this reality
Carelessly spoken
Words wasted
Left vacant

If spoken in fun
With laughter in sun
Sincere without care
No need beware
Mistakes will be made
No apologies be laid
Lifting spirits not afraid
Your words resplendent
Holding hands
Exposed Disrobed
Feelings without Lament

Balance and unity
Walk Talk and Laugh with me
Words Written and Spoken
Do not waste them
A Wisdom or small token



Inspiration from the daily word prompt



Together We Stand ~ Version 2.0

The definition of “together we stand” has changed. The division amongst us is great. Stand with those who share your beliefs. Don’t believe that we must stand behind those we don’t believe in like sheep led to slaughter or we are told it is the right thing to do. Individuality and the coming together with those of similar beliefs is how I will continue to live my life. Your life, your choice. One life, one chance.


This sculpture of Forever Hooked is deceiving. The warm feeling of togetherness is in contrast with the 10 pounds of steel used in it’s creation. Intimacy does not need to be soft and fuzzy. It is the bond between two people created by their interactions, their successes and failures, their attributes and their flaws.