Crazy Talk

Photo by KAMoore

Psycho babble
Thoughts zig and zaggle
Brain plays tricks
Crawling with ticks
Eating my Soul
Slurping from a bowl
Dead birds decay
Dragons to slay
Walk in your sleep
Promises to keep
Lucid dreams
As real as it seems
Flashbacks scream
No chips to redeem
Born to die
Unable to fly
Cant make me cry
Ever wonder why
Fear it may find you
I won’t let it bind you
Curled on the floor
Raving to a door
Suggest a fix
Pick off the ticks
Wipe my brow
Tip a cow
What did you say

Oh that was me









Aware – A Word of Wisdom

Silver Fox – photo by KAMoore

I’m aware the fragility my entity
Striving Seeking Searching amity
There is no twice
So much uncertainty
Words written and spoken
They are numbered in this reality
Carelessly spoken
Words wasted
Left vacant

If spoken in fun
With laughter in sun
Sincere without care
No need beware
Mistakes will be made
No apologies be laid
Lifting spirits not afraid
Your words resplendent
Holding hands
Exposed Disrobed
Feelings without Lament

Balance and unity
Walk Talk and Laugh with me
Words Written and Spoken
Do not waste them
A Wisdom or small token



Inspiration from the daily word prompt