In the Shadow of Sculpture

12494702_10206381035860041_3662540186635373134_nSeagull – Photo and sculpture by KAMoore

When photographing small sculpture, shadows play a large part in showing form and dimension. We have all commented while showing a photo. “It looks better in person.” Capturing a sculpture in the flattened state of photography can be challenging. Especially if it is your job. I have to attempt to convey the feeling of the sculpture while keeping the representation true. Using shadows, structure and perspective I try to express the mood of each piece. It can be the difference between showing a picture and selling a sculpture. The act of holding a piece, feeling its weight and embracing the composition with human hands is not easily reproduced.

The images here were not needed to sell the sculpture as it was a gift I made for a friend.
If you would like to see more of my small sculpture you can visit my Etsy shop. Etsy

As always, thank you for reading! -Kevin

12440728_10206381035460031_6632041249092385858_ophotos and sculpture by KAMoore

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Resist ~ For the Love of Night

76358_1545869481976_7993059_nNight photo ~ taken and edited by KAMoore


Night it wraps me
Warm and sweet
I swim in the void
I bask in its silence
My mind slow and clear
The horizon it brightens
I know dawn is near
Another day starts
No need to resist
Daylight is not so bad
I’ll make it through
Night will be back
And if you allow
It will shelter you too


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Exposure ~ A Naked Poem, In 50 words or less

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Photography is the first thought I have when I hear the word exposure. So before my words: The Moon exposed in all of it’s lunar eclipsed glory. Sept. 2015. My trusty dinged and dented Canon 70-200 L captured the image.

Photo By KAMoore


Blinding light
It is hard to hide
Waiting for dark
Time to bide
Anxiety peeked
Fight or flight
All details exposed
Wrong or right
We hope to be seen
Or hide in the night
Exposure is poor
Villains’ delight
Need to be seen
Jump into the bright
Most seek both
The balance is plight
Me for the most
I seek the spotlight
Once having enough
Reduce the exposure
Blend in
Plain sight

~ Kevin