For Ages I’ve Rested Never Alone ~ Solitude, Photo and Poem

Milk Truck ~ The Forest of Washington State. Photo by KAMoore

Never Alone

Amongst the trees
I watch I listen
The silence deep
At no time complete
The forest lives
It moves It breaths
When all seems tranquil
You hear the sounds
The shifting floor
The living grounds
Plants push up
Insects down
The longer I sit
The more profound
The bugs The plants
Life abound
Not alone
Peace at last
Solitude Found



Clean ~ Focus on the Little Things – A photo and poem

Baby Raccoon ~ Southern, CA Photo by KAMoore

Keep the lines balanced and true
Symmetry and poise needed too
Justify and center it looks so nice
Hard to apply
To this mess called life
So I’ll create, make art and write
Make it flow, in dark and light
My little bubble, clean and bright


via Daily Prompt: Clean
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Resist ~ For the Love of Night

76358_1545869481976_7993059_nNight photo ~ taken and edited by KAMoore


Night it wraps me
Warm and sweet
I swim in the void
I bask in its silence
My mind slow and clear
The horizon it brightens
I know dawn is near
Another day starts
No need to resist
Daylight is not so bad
I’ll make it through
Night will be back
And if you allow
It will shelter you too


via Daily Prompt: Resist