For Ages I’ve Rested Never Alone ~ Solitude, Photo and Poem

Milk Truck ~ The Forest of Washington State. Photo by KAMoore

Never Alone

Amongst the trees
I watch I listen
The silence deep
At no time complete
The forest lives
It moves It breaths
When all seems tranquil
You hear the sounds
The shifting floor
The living grounds
Plants push up
Insects down
The longer I sit
The more profound
The bugs The plants
Life abound
Not alone
Peace at last
Solitude Found



Seeking Solace

We all seek peace and calm, if we are lucky enough to have control of our anxieties, residing in it too long leaves us seeking adventure and excitement. That is the healthy balance.

The world is full of anxieties, some good, some bad. Many reside in a heightened state of this anxiety from media overload and daily dramas, some real, some created. In this, our society, people often times make small things very dramatic to compete with the state of the world we live in, the news, movies, television, and the harsh realities of the many global injustices. It can make it tough to quantify the truly difficult things in our lives that need and deserve attention.



Edge of the Water ~ Between Seattle and Austin ~ Solitude and Solace


I seek solace in my art and photography and my interactions with those in my life.


Behind closed eyes Calm sneaks in
Laying close The soft touch of skin
The sun on my face Caress lacking haste
When I find solace Time slips
Slips gradually None gone to waste

~ Kevin A Moore