Crazy Talk

Photo by KAMoore

Psycho babble
Thoughts zig and zaggle
Brain plays tricks
Crawling with ticks
Eating my Soul
Slurping from a bowl
Dead birds decay
Dragons to slay
Walk in your sleep
Promises to keep
Lucid dreams
As real as it seems
Flashbacks scream
No chips to redeem
Born to die
Unable to fly
Cant make me cry
Ever wonder why
Fear it may find you
I won’t let it bind you
Curled on the floor
Raving to a door
Suggest a fix
Pick off the ticks
Wipe my brow
Tip a cow
What did you say

Oh that was me









Who am I? Who I am.

Dragons’ Fire Necklace in my year of the Dragon 2017 Necklace Design by KAMoore

My mind a tornado in a hurricane, leading a tsunami to a shore of paper huts.
My brain full of lightning dancing from cloud to cloud, singing it’s glassmaking bolts to the sands of the expansive seaboard.
Sparks fly from a million scalding synapse, receptors hardened from the embers, a flow of awareness spanning centuries.
I become all that I see.
I see all. I am all.
A wisdom of time immeasurable.
All things must run their course.
I still myself in volcanos for decades, barely a muscle moved.
For I have already seen.
Simple the minds of earthly creatures, I know their actions years before the first sparkle of an idea gleans.
The pains I comprehend so profound, the agonies of this existence illusory.
The pleasures I know, brighter than a birthing sun.

I Am Dragon

The excerpts of Dragon will be categorized together as a unfolding learning tool for myself. This year I shall make a young dragon of steel. I feel it best to know the mind of my subject to give my art life only knowledge and understanding can untether.