In the Shadow of Sculpture

12494702_10206381035860041_3662540186635373134_nSeagull – Photo and sculpture by KAMoore

When photographing small sculpture, shadows play a large part in showing form and dimension. We have all commented while showing a photo. “It looks better in person.” Capturing a sculpture in the flattened state of photography can be challenging. Especially if it is your job. I have to attempt to convey the feeling of the sculpture while keeping the representation true. Using shadows, structure and perspective I try to express the mood of each piece. It can be the difference between showing a picture and selling a sculpture. The act of holding a piece, feeling its weight and embracing the composition with human hands is not easily reproduced.

The images here were not needed to sell the sculpture as it was a gift I made for a friend.
If you would like to see more of my small sculpture you can visit my Etsy shop. Etsy

As always, thank you for reading! -Kevin

12440728_10206381035460031_6632041249092385858_ophotos and sculpture by KAMoore

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Repurposed ~ Kitty Cat and Birds




Photos and Sculpture by KAMoore

Silverware and Kitchen utensils 🙂
Taking photos of my pieces is an integral part of process and enjoyment! And once they’re gone I still have the memories and the history locked in my photographs.
I use silverware often because its an affordable source of used stainless steel and I’m able to use the intrinsic patterns that flatware has to offer to accent and add to many of my creations.
Recycling, Upcycling, and Re-Use is one of my favorite things in my art. Taking an old coke machine and cutting pieces of the metal out and using the old Coke Red in a sculpture… mmm a Coke and a Smile.
I only started selling my sculpture in 2016 after spending 4 years in Florida learning bronze art, working with my brother. After the continuous struggle of recovery from a very tragic car accident there, I moved back to Seattle and decided I would make art of Steel and mixed media instead of bronze. I’m new and unknown, but everything about it has changed my life already. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and the friends and family who have helped and stood behind me. Feel free to see more of my works at my professional website if you like: Kevin A Moore Studio


Repurpose, Photo Challenge

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Overworked ~ In 50 words or less

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IMG_3073glow b&w.jpg

Me working on a sculpture in veneration of Ferdinand the bull


Doing what I love, being overworked, should not be possible. So interestingly, it’s not work, but the day to day that overwhelms. I am overworked doing laundry, cleaning my apartment, getting groceries, keeping my great little old truck running. My anxiety of being overworked comes from the time lost on creating another sculpture or piece of art knowing that I can only complete a finite number of works in this life. So I am overworked, not from my job, overworked with the little things life requires. ~ Kevin A Moore



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