Lush – Green. And Warm & Fuzzy?


277598_1949335208367_1174447_oOlympic National Rain Forest – Photo by KAMoore

Lush – the word instantly brings this photo to mind. Interestingly it also brings excitement and happiness to mind? I think a poem may be the easiest way for me to express it.


The forest thick and green
Its floor soft and cool
The summers heat
Into the depths cannot reach
The heavy air
Has taste and feel
Earthy scents invigorate
Bright greens stimulate
Together they exhilarate
Find a brook to soak your feet
Romp and play
Forest will shelter
Outside its dome
Sun and swelter


10268520_10202063633047669_8828719360551088554_nLouisiana I believe – photo by KAMoore

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For Ages I’ve Rested Never Alone ~ Solitude, Photo and Poem

Milk Truck ~ The Forest of Washington State. Photo by KAMoore

Never Alone

Amongst the trees
I watch I listen
The silence deep
At no time complete
The forest lives
It moves It breaths
When all seems tranquil
You hear the sounds
The shifting floor
The living grounds
Plants push up
Insects down
The longer I sit
The more profound
The bugs The plants
Life abound
Not alone
Peace at last
Solitude Found