The Probability of Conjecture – A short verse on expectation

img_2152This photo of a sunrise has nothing to do with expectations. Photo by KAMoore

I think expectations can tell us a lot about people. I believe our own expectations should not overshadow what we are willing to bestow. If I choose to give,  I do not expect anything in return.
Expectations need not be a negative association, some relations are reciprocal and the inference and anticipation of returned offering is more than enough motivation to make the effort.
The perspective of expectations can also be placed in a positive or negative light.
They say. “If you don’t expect anything, you won’t be let down.”
The positive twist is to believe that if you don’t expect anything, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you receive.

I hope my short explanation on this daily prompt meets your expectations,


The Daily Prompt word: Expectations



Lukewarm – Water you wash a baby in?

15000023_10208085825318712_2955657658605652870_oAlien Rock ~ Wavering in his volition Photo by KAMoore

I enjoy the daily prompt. Some days it moves me to think on words that would not otherwise enter my mind. Here are some of the thoughts it invokes.

Lukewarm – I see a duckling being washed free of oil with Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Lukewarm – I envision a tepid bathtub of water that is not that appealing.
Lukewarm – My teenage years fumbling in the pursuit to please an expectant girlfriend.
Lukewarm – The Hot and Cold game played when searching for something. (This also applies to my previous interpretation.)

Lukewarm is a feeling for me more than diction or its definition of temperature. Not an intense feeling. More of an uncertain obscure word of searching for something just out of reach. Like this post I write, thinking my point may only be lukewarm in it’s delivery.




Replacement ~ The new and improved me


Improving ones self is a continual process of learning, understanding, then replacing the abject with the cultivated. Rarely is it a stark change, the bricks have been laid. Who you are is not set in stone, but in growing to adult hood you have become.
Trying to change everything about ourselves is fruitless and unnecessary. The proverbial New Years Eve resolutions are a great example. Many people set unrealistic goals, setting themselves up for failure. Don’t try and build a house before you know if you can lay it’s foundation.

We work with what we have, the complexities of self is what makes us human.
The super villain will not be playing with puppies or helping the elderly across busy intersections any time soon.

I’ve written here for 15 days straight now, never having a blog before. I was insecure about my writing for the first 8-10. I’ve always written, but never in a format where I would be amongst so many other writers. A few thoughtful sentences from someone close, my insecurities eased. Writing for just over two weeks has improved self. Maybe not through replacement, but through a reawakening of deeper thoughts and feelings. A more finely tuned passion and compassion. All these little things add to the foundation that was my youth and contribute to and refine the home that is me.

I do not have time to read and edit this this morning, so I may reread and modify for flow and errors later. (not due to insecurities, just my obsessive compulsive need for things to be just so) Like I said, we are all works in progress.


via Daily Prompt: Replacement

Aesthetic ~ in 50 words or less

via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

As an artist I use the word aesthetic often. I try to create pieces that will fit aesthetically into peoples lives, add to their environment instead of taking it over. Aesthetic to me is composition as a whole. Not a table, but how the table sits within the flow of the room.



I designed and created Midnight Owl in 2016 for my own space, for my own aesthetic. Like art, I believe aesthetic to be in the eye of the beholder!!  ~ Kevin A Moore