Representing ~ Yellow

Neon ~ Detail of a large neon sign, Ballard,WA, Photo by KAMoore 2011

Yellow screams “Look at me!” It intensifies emotions, optimistically the good ones!
Small bits of yellow spotting a field as flowers instills feelings of happiness and warmth for the viewer. Such a wonderful color to be used sparingly and distributed widely. It makes the mind alert, helps with decision making, and promotes clear thinking. Fun and interesting when added to the dull grey world of a city such as Seattle. As with all powerful things it must be used carefully.

Yellow overload can make one agitated, add to anxiety. A room with walls of bright yellow may make you want to run, and cause feelings of insecurity.

In my photo, the captured yellow adds interest, it is used to draw attention and imbue curiosity. The hue and intensity of the yellow being just as important as the setting it is in. This photo is of an old Neon sign in Ballard, WA. The yellow is vivid and bright, it garners consideration and feels healthy. If the yellow was dingy, faded, and mucky the mood would be different,  more of decay and decomposition. Perhaps causing feelings of sadness and loss like a defunct amusement park void of motion, noise, and children.

That is how I view yellow. How does yellow make you feel? That is the key to color, because the world and it’s endless palette is, and always will be, in the eye, heart, and mind of the beholder.



via Daily Prompt: Yellow