Speak-Out ~ A short start to what I’m sure will be a very long post.

Bald Eagle ~ Magnolia, Seattle WA, Photo & Edit KAMoore

I am going to begin this blog tonight. I’m afraid it will end a novel.

I’ll start by saying I WILL speak-out. It is the how that I still struggle with.
I will March, I will stand in solidarity with those that share my beliefs.

My heart tells me I have more to offer than just this.
While I search the depths of it for something that I believe will make real change, I will add my thoughts to this writing as they come.

One thought I continually go back to; What does it say about americans that enough people in the US actually chose this person to power our great country.
It will take time to get this out of my brain in writing that isn’t gibberish, my anger clouds and blends my thoughts to the point of disgust.


The Good Fight

The sound was subtle
Barely a head turned
Soft spoken words
Few looked to be sure
Voiced in a group
Some listened concurred
Screaming into the mob
They yelled back
Attentive they heard
You can read from a script
Or from your heart
Your heart the thoughts ripped
If you feel it is right
No silence the night
Speak out in rage
Not a rat in a cage
Living this life
World full of strife
Wail to the skies
Clouds break  as it cries
Fight suppression
Stand facing oppression
I’ll be with you my friend
There will be no concession