A Smile in Translation ~ Word of the Day: Translate

A Smile has no race, color, gender, preference, or religion. You could say it needs no translation, this wouldn’t be true. The smile must always be translated by the receiver.

A smile of warm recognition is one of the nicest to receive.
The brief smile of acknowledgement the most common. We use it for baristas and checkers at stores. Nothing wrong with the smile, it’s courteous and shows appreciation.
The devious smile, one of my more favorite. We use it in sharing an inside joke, or with a sparkle in the eye to a partner suggesting more than warm recognition.
Then there is the furrowed brow smile, asking. Shirley you can’t be serious? I use this one exclusively for politics as of late.
Then there is the evil smile. Plan on fighting or running when you see it.
There are also the millions of combinations to be read accurately or mistaken.
Translation is needed for all of these smiles, luckily humans are born with an innate ability and instinct to comprehend most without book or learning.



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