If words fall on deaf ears do they make a sound?

rose-deconstructDeconstructed Rose, Photo by KAMoore

So you hoped for a big change and you voted.
The lies unfolded and you say that’s normal.
The bigotry, racism, discrimination, and chauvinism persisted and you say it’s nothing.
The narcissism, selfishness, childlike behavior, and obvious mental instability are undeniable and you remain sure something good will come of it.
The dangerous global interactions begin, the resignations, the obvious abuse of power. And you ignore it.
These are things that cannot be denied by even the simplest of humans.
I’m afraid that if a tree were to fall in the forest not only will you not hear it, it will hit you, it will crush you dead, and you will never have seen it coming.
When that time comes I would say I told you so, but the blind can’t read lips, the deaf can’t hear, and those crushed under trees can’t talk.
Even as I finish this and post it, I feel like it is a waste of my breath, time and words. Obstinance is the symptom and the disease.
I have no answers or solutions so I just speak my mind as I see it.


via Daily Prompt: Sound

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