Automatic ~Like the drum of a Heartbeat in the Silence

When Reflection Outshines Reality ~ photo by KAMoore

I know many of you will relate. I would like to say my writing flows from my brain like a automaton. Some days it’s true. Like a river breaching it’s banks. A deluge flooding the streets. The frenzy of ecstasy. It applies to all my artistic tendencies! Some days my sculptures are complete in my mind before I begin. Some days I struggle to add the tiniest of pieces. Sometimes a photograph is finished before it’s even taken. The composition already cropped and edited. A blank canvas as a painting complete, brush strokes and colors realized, hung and framed on my wall.

The truth is, since starting my blog I have been determined to write each and every day, even if it’s only a few lines. Making that decision has left me sitting some mornings unable to form complete thoughts, never mind interesting sentences. Sitting and staring at a title I managed to forge, endless rows of blank blue-white screen below.

This was a good morning. My writing came out not like a tooth extraction, but more of an ebb and flow, a tide working its way towards high. Not with great conviction, but without struggle or anxiety.
Grammar is another story, luckily not addressed in this post, and practicing artistic writing I use my liberties and licenses to their limits.

I hope you enjoyed my semi-automatic rant and I wish you well with your own!

~Kevin A Moore

via Daily Prompt: Automatic


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