Simple ~ In more than 50 words or less

via Daily Prompt: Simple
Florida Sunset ~ photo by KAMoore

Simple is not always as simple as simple seems. I love the word and use it often. Most decisions are simple, logic dictates the answer. We know what is right and wrong, simple right?
Not so fast. Understanding simple doesn’t mean we can always use it’s short and sweet solution for our desired outcome. The outcome of the presidential election was simple in my mind. I used logic and common sense to decide the outcome. Well as it turns out I was mistaken. The solution to that mistake will have massive repercussions and not by any means be Simple.

I’m a metal artist (just an artist if you like) cutting, grinding, welding, shaping, polishing. Pretty simple if you ask me. I grew up with Grandparents and Parents that worked to instill simple moral values into a hyperactive young boy that asked why annoyingly often. It was simple, I wanted to understand, see reason, and logic in all things. Most moral values are just that, simple. Ask yourself if what you are doing is right or wrong and ninety-nine percent of the time a light will go off in your head and you will have your answer.

The one percent hold the tricky solutions to answers that are grey and have complicated effects on possibly everything: Think Chaos Theory and the butterfly effect.
A simple story to make my point. Me at a hot springs, in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Naked, alone, a bottle of wine that I would carry out empty at the end of the story. Relaxing, pondering relationships, life, the universe, simple things. Then a Raven lands on branch nearby and lets out a guttural “cawwww” It was my first Raven to see in Washington. He or She was huge! Perfectly formed, jet black with hints of metallic. We sat and watched each other for thirty minutes or more. Me thinking this was spiritual and an important turning point in my life. The Raven, probably just patiently waiting to see if I had packed a lunch that I would share. The climax of this story is quick and simple. I could have waited until the Raven was bored with my company or just leaving due to my negligence to bring life giving sustenance. Instead I made a small snowball and tossed it low below, but towards the tree on which the Raven sat. The Raven looked at me with indignant black thoughtful eyes. He waited a few seconds to let me know it was his decision to leave; a simple social behavior for one that knows their superiority. Then took flight, forever tying our lives and futures together. If I hadn’t thrown that snowball would I be here now? Where is that Raven? The course of both our lives ever changed in those moments.

What am I saying you ask? Well mostly that I love that day, that story, that Raven, and the bottle of wine I enjoyed in those hot springs.

Beyond that: Everything we do in life effects the future. Even the “Simple” things.
Choose your words and the snowballs you throw carefully.

Kevin A Moore




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